Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Morning walk was accidentally interrupted by breakfast at Cumulus Inc. (BTW that’s a smoked trout frittata with crème fraiche, and madeleines with bergamot curd in the background). Continue reading

Things that are making me happy this week

01. Should I be mildly concerned that Holy Sugar gave me some extra (unbelievably good) passionfruit sponge because I’m a ‘regular’…? No, not concerned, thrilled (in this week’s bakery edit – passionfruit sponge with lemon curd, pistachio and cream; apple, cinnamon and walnut fritters; Pepperberry s’mores). Continue reading

Small Wrongs by Kate Rossmanith

When an author gets the balance between memoir and journalism* just right, it makes for brilliant reading. Kate Rossmanith has done it with Small Wrongs, a book that explores how we say ‘sorry’.

Rossmanith looks at what constitutes remorse from many angles – the ‘theatre’ of courtroom appearances; how judges make their decisions; prison, parole and rehabilitation and how these systems create opportunities for offenders to show remorse; and retribution for victims of crime.

In the justice system…the act of forgiveness was unrelated to the duty of punishment; it was not the role of the courts to forgive a person…only the victims can forgive. Continue reading