Things that are making me happy this week

01. Should I be mildly concerned that Holy Sugar gave me some extra (unbelievably good) passionfruit sponge because I’m a ‘regular’…? No, not concerned, thrilled (in this week’s bakery edit – passionfruit sponge with lemon curd, pistachio and cream; apple, cinnamon and walnut fritters; Pepperberry s’mores).

02. More from the German Film Festival

  • Backstage Vienna State Opera – I won’t bore you with everything I loved about this doco except this fun fact: they have some bee hives on the roof and the honey collected is given to private patrons.
  • The Audition – gripping with a terrific twist.
  • Berlin Bouncer – really impressive doco that focused on three nightclub bouncers who worked through the eighties and nineties and saw the changes in popular and underground culture when the Wall came down.
  • The Perfect Secret – an absolute ripper and probably my favourite of the Fest.

03. Indulged in a HayU subscription so that I could access the terribly trashy but addictive Below Deck Sailing Yacht S2 (don’t judge, I count it as self-care). Anyway, the series was filmed toward the end of last year and what struck me was the fact that people are taking holidays during COVID – was weird to watch Americans and Brits sailing in Croatia (all COVID safe) in the context of Australia’s ‘no-one-go-anywhere’ COVID strategy.

04. Very pleased to receive an ARC of the new Lily King, Five Tuesdays in Winter (because how good was Writers & Lovers? I still think about that book).

05. I had a splurge on some new puzzles – this, this and this.

06. Curatif’s cocktails this month included a Midori Illusion – (took me straight back to Marmalade on Sunday night at The Warehouse). Half the fun of Curatif is the narrative included with each delivery –

07. That special brand of smugness when you hand an essay in early (I am now 80% of the way through my latest round of study – remind me to take a break if I entertain a new course next year).

08. I loathe the colour purple but love the scent of violets (they’ve just started popping up in my garden and I’m keeping tiny, fragrant bunches on my desk).

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  1. How fascinating. As I think I said last week, we went to 7 films in the German Film Festival, but it looks like we only saw one the same as you, Perfect secret. We liked that, but my favourite was Next door, closely followed by I’m your man and Oscar & Lilli: where no one knows us.

    Love your puzzles. How much time do you spend doing them, and is it just you or is it a family activity?

    I spent a months pulling out the violets in our backyard when we moved into our current house 23 years ago. Every now and then one pops up and I yank it out!! Sorry! But, I love purple and green, haha.

    • I wanted to see a couple of the ones you saw, but because the whole Festival was rearranged after our lockdown delay, times didn’t suit me.

      Puzzles are mostly my domain but others in the family wander by and do a bit here and there.

      Funny that you pulled the violets out – I pull the other things out that invade the violets 😀

      • Thanks for the response – puzzles are something my daughter and I do. It’s a nice little tradition. I love seeing jigsaw puzzles set up in community rooms in places like retirement villages and aged care places. They are great for people to stop for a moment and have a go!

        Haha re the violets!

      • Pre-COVID, we always had a puzzle set up in the staff room at work – was nice to have a little mind-break by spending five minutes over it (although I had to be careful not to get too absorbed!).

  2. oooh, that passionfruit sponge sounds completely delicious! Being a regular at Holy Sugar surely counts as self-care too? Also you’re supporting local businesses – this is what I tell myself every time I place an order with the local wine house 😀

    • I’m doing a specialised course in grief and loss – although that’s the area I already work in, it’s really about having the bit of paper (necessary if I ever decide to go into private practice).

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