Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood

The story of a family is always a story of complicity.

As always, I struggle to review books that I loved unequivocally. Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood is such a book.

Lockwood’s memoir focuses on her father, Greg, who, despite being married with five children became a Catholic priest (there’s a loophole in the Vatican rules). As Lockwood describes, after years of being a Lutheran pastor, “…he was tired of grape juice. He wanted wine.”

She creates a striking portrait of Greg – a guitar-toting, gun-cleaning man, who has a penchant for cream liqueurs and struts around in his underwear, making bullish demands of his family. Continue reading

Nonfiction November 2022 – New to My TBR

It’s the final week of Nonfiction November, hosted by Jamie at The OC BookGirl.

So what’s the damage? Not quite as many as usual (November was busy and I didn’t get to participate quite as much as I’d hoped). Nevertheless, a few additions to the TBR stack – Continue reading

Why We Can’t Sleep by Ada Calhoun

A group of friends and I have adopted the ‘five minutes for ailments’ rule, for when we get together. Otherwise, discussions about health (and the health of our partners, parents and kids) would sap hours. Seriously, hours. This is my oldest group of friends – we were teens together in the eighties, at uni in the early nineties and had kids in the 2000s. I’m providing the timeline to give context to Ada Calhoun’s book, Why We Can’t Sleep. Continue reading

Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. It had been postponed two times, but finally David Gray made it to Melbourne, and it was a fantastic concert. Gray played for three hours (IKR?!), starting with a bunch of singles from various albums; then the White Ladder album in its entirety; and finishing with some covers and an encore of a couple of hits. He was such a generous performer, sharing stories about the songs and time on tour. Continue reading