Things that are making me happy this (actually last) week

01. A little getaway to Bendigo for the Mary Quant exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery. It was terrific (especially understanding her ahead-of-the-times marketing strategies).

02. Bendigo trip included dinner at the cosy Railway Hotel in Castlemaine (the food was top notch); breakfast at the always good Harvest Cafe; and the obligatory stop at Malmsbury Bakery on the way home.

03. A day at the Hot Springs – nothing better than a sunny (but crisp) day spent sitting in 38°C mineral baths, and chatting with a great friend.

04. On the back of listening to Brat by Andrew McCarthy, and feeling a little peaky after my second Pfizer, I had a day-long McCarthy retrospective – Class, St Elmo’s, Mannequin.

05. Start of the German Film Festival – I began with How I Taught Myself to Be a Child – weird and funny, of the kind particular to German cinema. Book-ended the film with far too many (or perhaps exactly the right amount?) cocktails at Nick & Nora’s and Berlin Bar (we sat in the East).

And in case you’re wondering, there’s bergamot smoke captured inside the bubble of the gin, Aperol and passionfruit cocktail. I know right?! Magic.

06. Project Yarra is starting to become a little more remote, and ‘off-track’… (pic taken in deep Eltham).

07. My favourite winter nail polish.

08.This forthcoming doco about Anthony Bourdain.

09. Gossip Girl reboot!

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  1. 1. My cousin keeps me up to date with things Bendigo but I don’t remember seeing the Mary Quant exhibition on her fb page.
    2. Next year we will hold my mother’s 90th in Bendigo, maybe at the Shamrock – I certainly plan on staying there. In the Nellie Melba suite if it is available.
    3. Despite being born in Daylesford I’ve hardly ever been back and never to the hot springs.
    4. The more people fully vaccinated the better.
    6. Great photo.
    Above all, glad things are making you happy.

    • 1. I think Mary is only in town for another week or two – tell your cousin to get there quickly!
      2. I’ve never stayed at The Shamrock – perhaps I will next time I visit the Gallery (I have a well-worn Gallery routine, as you may have guessed).
      3. These hot springs are the ones at Rye, not Hepburn (although I like them as well). Daylesford is nice but I think you’d be surprised if you haven’t been there for a while – totally geared for the tourists and girls-weekend-away trips now.
      4. Very grateful that I had early access (because I am in allied health).

  2. 1. If I’d known I would have returned to Canberra last week via Bendigo — problem was we visited Mr Gums’ aunt in Lilydale on the way but we were only driving to Rutherglen so could have re-routed that way. Loved you getaway.
    4. We had our second AZ shots before we went to Melbourne so feel good to have that done.
    5. We saw 7 films in the German Film Festival but not that one. Are you seeing more?
    6. We drove through Eltham on our way TO Melbourne. Pretty area.
    7. Don’t do nail polish, don’t do girly stuff actually!! That’s being a died-in-the-wool 70s feminist for you!

    PS Clearly your WP and mine don’t compute. I click on the W icon on Lisa’s, Bill’s, Brona’s blogs and up pop my credentials. I do it on yours (and one or two others – maybe Karen’s BOokerTalk one though I might be wrong) and it just goes into a “connecting to WordPress” thing that never does connect. So weird.

    • 1. A shame, but impossible to do everything.
      5. Yes, four more this week!
      7. Applying nail polish is deeply relaxing and mindless for me… I would go so far as calling it self-care (even though I’m not a fan of that phrase!).

      PS. I’m perplexed by WP – I have similar issues with various blogs. No idea why.

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