Six Degrees of Separation – from Picnic at Hanging Rock to Love in a Cold Climate

It’s time for #6degrees. It’s unquestionably the least demanding bookish meme on the interwebs, so join in!

This month we begin with Joan Lindsay’s Picnic at Hanging Rock (thanks to Brona for the suggestion). My first link is to Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, Born to Run. That might seem an unlikely link but I’ve seen Springsteen twice in the last few years, and both times Hanging Rock was the backdrop. Continue reading

Winter book-buying-ban


A few months ago I posted a confession – Stacks of Shame. It proved to be a popular post, with other bloggers joining in the ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’. I pledged to cut back on the book buying until I’d reduced those TBR stacks a little. Well that book-buying-ban fell in a heap two days ago (thanks to Cyndi) but in the almost-three-months before that I didn’t buy any new books. Feel free to commend me on my restraint.

Part of my no-book-buying strategy was to keep a list of all the books that I come across during the ban that looked good. I figured I’d review the list at the end of the ban and see what still appeals.

So here’s what I would have/ potentially could have bought during my three month self-imposed ban: Continue reading

Bugger. This happened.

I had a self-imposed winter book buying ban. I’ve held true to it, despite all the temptations that came my way. And then last night, with approximately 28 hours left on my three-month long ban, this happened:


No excuses. I was in the moment at Cyndi’s 30th anniversary She’s So Unusual tour. I love a bit of tour merch and I really, really love Cyndi. Continue reading