Six Degrees of Separation – from Picnic at Hanging Rock to Love in a Cold Climate

It’s time for #6degrees. It’s unquestionably the least demanding bookish meme on the interwebs, so join in!

This month we begin with Joan Lindsay’s Picnic at Hanging Rock (thanks to Brona for the suggestion). My first link is to Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, Born to Run. That might seem an unlikely link but I’ve seen Springsteen twice in the last few years, and both times Hanging Rock was the backdrop.

I haven’t read Born to Run yet. Another musician’s book that is sitting in my TBR stack is Cyndi Lauper’s self titled memoir.

Lauper represents everything eighties – her bright, neon style reminds me of the cover of Tuesday Nights in 1980 by Molly Prentiss.

Tuesday Nights is a story about art. The most recent story I’ve read about art (and I seem to read a lot of them, despite not seeking them out) was Sara Baume’s A Line Made by Walking.

A Line Made by Walking is spectacularly depressing, as is Cold Spring Harbour by Richard Yates.

Far more jolly (and linked by ‘cold’) is Nancy Mitford’s Love in a Cold Climate.

From the Australian bush and rock legends to art and depression, that’s #6degrees for another month. I wonder where other chains will lead? Link up below (or add your link to the Comments section).

Next month (August 5, 2017), we’ll begin with the universally loved classic, Pride and  Prejudice, by Jane Austen.









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  1. Loved the movie of Picnic. Watched it at the drives in my Monaro. Had to tell my date, now ex-Mrs Legend to sit in her own seat and let me concentrate! You certainly took off in odd directions.

    • I love your memory of the movie 😄 I’ve seen the movie a few times but I think it must have been on TV. Was quite obsessed as a teen because, of course, we all wanted to be Miranda.

  2. Thanks for using my book choice this month. I’m hoping to reread it again soon (when I finish the bio beyond the Rock).
    I’ve visited the Rock once, but lucky you, seeing Springsteen there!! What a great place for a big concert.

    I’ve been thinking about the Mitford book this morning after all the low temps in NSW and Vic last night 🙂

    • I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on Beyond the Rock.
      Hanging Rock is a pretty magical place – I have family who live up that way so we often visit.
      And yes, cold is an understatement at the moment – Melbourne feels arctic!

  3. Pride and prejudice, woo hoo. Meanwhile here is mine for this month:

    It took be a while to get started – I thought about it on and off all month – because there were so many starting options. Which made it fun really.

    Love the completely different direction you went in, particularly your first non-obvious link.

    I wouldn’t call this the least demanding meme at all, actually!

  4. Please delete my link in Mr Linky to Our Spoons Came From Woolworths – my fingers slipped, sorry.

    I haven’t read Picnic at Hanging Rock, but I’m going to – it sounds great. This meme is such a good way to find out about books that I would never have come across otherwise.

    • Thanks for joining in Margaret (not sure I can delete your first link but doesn’t matter!).
      Picnic at Hanging Rock is in some ways a bit old-fashioned in style but it is a great example of early ‘gothic’ writing for the mainstream. And certainly, if you’ve read the book, a visit to the actual Hanging Rock takes on an eerie feel.

    • I enjoyed your post Kathryn – loved the link to Norman Lindsay and then to Harry Potter, and loved how you ended up at The hate race. Good one. It looks like you don’t have comments open on your blog so I’m commenting here. Hope you see it.

    • If you ever get a chance to visit the Rock, it’s well worth it – a really lovely spot.

      I think Pride is a challenge – I keep thinking of different ways to start and then think “No, that’s a bit obvious/ unoriginal…” – at least we have a month to think it over!

    • The story does stand the test of time. I really need to watch the movie again – it’s been decades since I saw it.

      Think I probably wanted to be Miranda AND Anne Shirley…

  5. I haven’t read Picnic at Hanging Rock (although I watched the film ages ago), so I’m not participating this month, but Pride and Prejudice is a huge favourite of mine, so you can bet on it that I will be taking part next month.

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  7. I didn’t even know Lauper has written an autobiography. Something more for the to-read list. 🙂 I’m excited that July will start with one of my favorites (and an historic novel, to boot).

    • I think it was released a couple of years ago when she did her She’s So Unusual concert, playing the whole album in order. She did a LOT of talking at the concert, telling stories between songs. I suspect I’ve heard a lot of what’s in the book, which is partly why I didn’t read it straight away.

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    • I’ve re-read it a few times in the last ten years and I think it holds up (but I don’t read much gothic literature so can’t compare!). The movie is fantastic but I suspect might be hard to track down these days.

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