Cold Spring Harbor by Richard Yates


God damn you Richard Yates. You are so depressing. And so, so good. Cold Spring Harbor made* me smash my personal best for Number of Easter Eggs Eaten in One Sitting.


* real readers know that books can ‘make’ you do things you might not ordinarily do…. such as eat Easter eggs like potato chips.

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  1. Not got a Choc egg PB myself. But reading Ian Rankin usually does two joint PB’s for me – tubes of Smarties eaten in 24 hours and number of E additives consumed! Leaves me hyper for days!

  2. Indeed he is. Revolutionary Road nearly did me in.

    (Off topic, but important about eating too much of something: I just discovered basil buttercream frosting on chocolate cake. I wasn’t living before, obviously.)

  3. Yes they definitely can. I’ve only read ‘Revolutionary Road’ of his but that took my breath away. I might have to replenish my Easter egg supply and then try this one.

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