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1. I just love this far too much. It’s probably got something to do with the fact that it was my favourite song on my favourite compilation album (1982 With a Bullet) in the eighties.


Which reminds me of this.

If you want the original, listen here.

2.  Thank goodness I had plenty of chocolate to off-set the Yates I read over Easter. He does depressing so well.

3. Hurrah! It’s opera season in Melbourne. Saw Eugene Onegin last week (sublime) and Rigoletto last night. I’ve always loved Rigoletto, even though it’s a bit of (what I call) a ‘pasta-ads opera’ (some people recognise pieces of classical music from advertisements – parts of Rigoletto have been used many times). Anyway, Opera Australia’s new production didn’t disappoint – it was lush, rich and dark in all the right places.

Imagine being one of the lucky people to have seen this production:

4. My book group meets roughly once a month. Every month before we get together I do the ‘when-should-I-start-reading-the-book-and-will-I-finish-it-in-time?’ jig. I don’t want to read it too early (because I’ll forget the bits I want to discuss*) but if I leave it too late, there’s the danger of having to cram to finish. Am I alone in this?

Christine at Bookishly Boisterous started this meme – get amongst it.

* I use the term ‘discuss’ loosely because my book group is really more about wine.

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  1. I just booked tickets for my mum and my daughter to see Eugene, I was that impressed. And as you know, I don’t really like or do opera. They usually see one production a year together, and I hope they like it. PS Did you see article recently on book clubs and wine? Just had a quick google and couldn’t find, it was floating around on twitter in the last week or two. Anyway, what’s the next book for your group? I don’t think I could do a regular book group for the reason of the pressure of having to read something to a schedule. Do you have rules like everyone must finish?

    • I hope your mum and sister like Eugene – I’m sure they will, it was beautiful. I still have A Turk in Italy and Carmen coming up.

      Didn’t see the article about book groups and wine… Sounds like my kind of article though. My book group is very relaxed. Some members never read the book (I know, I know…). Although that’s a bit frustrating for those that do read the book and want to discuss it, we’ve all come to terms with the dynamic. I’ve been in the same group for over 15 years – members have come and gone but the core has stayed the same. The thing that I really like is that we are a really mixed bunch – keeps it interesting, even if we’re not talking about the book (which this month is Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter – I wouldn’t have ordinarily gone for it but Annabel Smith’s 4/5 rating made me think otherwise).

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