Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Morning walk was accidentally interrupted by breakfast at Cumulus Inc. (BTW that’s a smoked trout frittata with crème fraiche, and madeleines with bergamot curd in the background).

02. Two films at the Scandinavian Film Festival

  • the spectacular Nordic by Nature, a documentary about the world’s most remote Michelin star restaurant, in the Faroe Islands
  • and Matter of Trust which explored trust relationships from the point-of-view of five characters. It was a little unnerving and I spent the whole time with a sense of dread.

03. Yay! The Melbourne Writers Festival program has been released. I’ve booked a bunch of events, and very much looking forward to Sarah Winman, Victoria Hannan and Ottessa Moshfegh.

04. How is it that I’ve only just heard about the Studley Park Gum?! Planning a walk for next week to see one in the wild.

05. Watched: Persuasion (Netflix) – didn’t love the breaking of the fourth wall but it provided light mid-week viewing. Also watched The Lost Daughter (Netflix) – another film where I felt tension and dread for an hour and a half!

06. And on the topic of Persuasion, this fun quiz (but only after you’ve watched).

07. Freya, living her best life (images here). And more antics here. I’m totally in love with Freya.

08. I always forget how eighties the nineties were

09. Blood oranges and sour cherry juice.

10. When we traveled around Europe in 2018, we passed a picturesque boathouse, the forest behind it covered in snow. My son, who is currently in Europe, returned to the spot, photographed it in summer and did a little bit of tricky editing.


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