Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

No posts from me this week other than this – on Wednesday night COVID hit me like a tonne of bricks, and I spent three days in bed, hardly able to move an eyelash. Thankfully feeling vastly better today, and able to reflect on a few things, namely how ace the week started out (see no.1-5). I should emphasise that as I enjoyed no.1-5, I was fully masked (lucky in retrospect, because that is precisely when I was contagious) but my daughter and I were in the vast minority. It was stressful to observe so few people in indoor, public spaces without masks.

01. Staycation with my daughter at the W (picked for the pool). Continue reading

Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Two things have happened this week that felt ‘normal’ (dare I say it?). The first was sitting in a full theatre to see the musical production of Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home. It was terrific – the transitions between Alison as a child, young adult, and adult were so clever. And there was one song (the children’s advertisement for the family funeral home, complete with a Jackson Family beat) that had me crying tears of laughter. Continue reading

20 Books of Summer (Winter) 2021 – Challenge Complete(ish)

The 20 Books of Summer reading challenge drew to a close yesterday, on Melbourne’s first distinctly-Spring-like day (it was 22 degrees and glorious). Continue reading