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You might remember my feelings about the Neapolitan series (if not, read them here, here, and here). In short, I didn’t love the books. Other readers were raving. I was disappointed.

So why watch the tv series? I really just wanted some glimpses of Naples. But what I got was so much more.

I LOVED this series – for capturing the close, suffocating and violent world of Lila and Lenù. For letting the excellent cast say in a glance or a grimace what Ferrante said over endless pages. The series had tension and menace and love. You saw the insecurities and determination in the girls. Clearly this is all the stuff I missed in the books.

I’m doing what I vowed I wouldn’t – going back for the final instalment – part four, The Story of the Lost Child. And I’m already looking forward to season two.

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    • Now I’m wondering why there wasn’t more fuss about the tv series – it is exceptionally well done and easily one of the best adaptations that I’ve watched.

    • I went in to the books with very high expectations (so much so that I’d bought all of them before reading the first!) – I appreciated the good writing but Lenu didn’t speak to me. But the TV series? I got what the fuss was about – gripping in a way that the book was not. Interestingly, they did one episode (60mins) per chapter of the book.

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