Show-off holiday post: Italy part 3 (the south bit)

We caught the train from Montepulciano to Naples, and drove from there to Sorrento (with me quietly congratulating myself on the decision to hire drivers in Italy rather than get behind the wheel ourselves. Traffic in Naples was insane). We had four nights in Sorrento (I can already tell you, it wasn’t long enough). The highlights:

Pompeii – I expected a museum with some mummified figures. I expected a bunch of excavated ruins that we could gaze at from behind a rope. I didn’t expect a city. I didn’t expect a place that you could explore for a whole day and still not see everything. It was extraordinary.

And for those interested in ancient ‘taps and toilets’, Pompeii is an ace place to visit.

Naples – our time in Naples was brief and it is on my list of places to return to. What was astounding was that it’s all there, right in the middle of a volcano (Campi Flegrei) – our driver explained that was why Neapolitans are slightly crazy, and know how to live every day to its fullest.

Driving past snow-capped Vesuvius.

Sorrento – I’m sure this seaside town has a completely different feel in summer but I enjoyed the bluster and wild weather. Pics are of Marine Grande.

Amalfi Coast – we took the public bus from Sorrento to Amalfi. It was both exciting and terrifying (my son and I sat at the front of the bus and had some white-knuckled moments. As we sped through single lane tunnels and around sharp bends, I told myself the bus driver does this every day and knows theses roads like the back of his hand…). Anyway, it’s lucky I packed the Kwells…

Path of the Gods – I think the word I’m looking for is SPECTACULAR!

Of all the things we did on the whole trip, the Path of the Gods was the unanimous favourite (although my quadriceps shortened by two inches after the 2000 step descent…).

We began in Bomerano and descended the Path to Praiano, via the peaceful Convent San Demenico.

And that ended our time in Italy. Ciao!



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  1. Another wonderful post, Kate. I’m off to Italy next Tuesday for a few days so you’ve whetted my appetite nicely with these gorgeous photos. You’ve also made me remember my own trip to Pompeii many years ago. One of those experiences that stays with you.

    • Thank you! These posts are terribly self-indulgent but also my best way of keeping a record of what we did.
      I was blown away by Pompeii. I was glad we had a private tour guide because otherwise I think it could be overwhelming – so much to see and so many important and interesting details that could be missed.
      Enjoy your time in Italy – I would love to be able to pop over to Italy for a few days 🙂 – where are you going?

  2. Kate, a trip of a lifetime! Thanks for sharing it with us. I’m sure I’ll never get there. Those steep, narrow, winding roads would be the death of me!

    • It certainly was an amazing trip. Although the Path of the Gods is a relatively easy hike, it does come with a warning – not for those suffering from vertigo! The coming down was the most strenuous part of the walk and my legs felt it for days afterward.

    • Returning for more walks along the Amalfi coast is on my list – exceeded expectations. Although we were restricted by short days, I think doing it in winter was great – we only saw a few people on the track and truly felt on top of the world.

  3. I was in Naples, briefly, helping my daughter with the grandkids, she was off for a week on Ischia. The traffic as you say is amazing. In a taxi between the ferry terminus and the main station I realized I’d brought my backpack but left my suitcase. I conveyed this to the driver, who spoke very little English, he stuck his head out the window and told the policeman who was holding us up, then did an impossible u-turn and tore back to retrieve it. (Skipped Pompeii – couldn’t be bothered finding accommodation – a decision I might now regret).

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