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01. I feel depressed about the Australian election result for all sorts of reasons and on so many levels.

02. We were chatting about Madonna’s Eurovision performance last night at book group (obvs). Some people hadn’t seen it. “It’s terrible! She’s so flat!” said those that had seen it. So we got the YouTubes out and watched. And it didn’t seem so bad… Perhaps we misheard because we’d been up so early….? Or MAYBE MADONNA HAS DUBBED OVER THE HORRIBLE PERFORMANCE AND POSTED THAT ON YOUTUBE?!

You decide: here’s what happened on the night. Here’s what Madonna’s people have posted. I don’t want to be responsible for #MadonnaGate but there’s an obvious difference between those clips.

03. Wondering how much I can squeeze into the German Film Festival. On my wishlist – Balloon, Bauhaus Spirit, and How About Adolf?

04. One play and two operas in the past few weeks (Cosi, Rigoletto, Cosi fan Tutte). Was fun to see Cosi from different perspectives in the same week. Rigoletto was superb (disturbing but beautiful) although there was perhaps more drama off-stage than on.

05. Nothing to see here.

06. Yes, it’s ‘climate crisis’ not ‘climate change’.

07. I included a link to this article in my Andrew Sean Greer post but I must highlight his reference to this article (because Leanne Shapton. Because SO TRUE). Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips says – “The vulgar refuse to miss out”.

08. This list of books featuring travel might be useful for filling in some Around the World in 80 Books gaps.

09. I didn’t know The Goldfinch was being made into a movie (thanks for the alert, Liz).

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  1. I see foreign language arthouse films whenever I get the chance. No German recently but highly recommend Icelandic Woman at War, which fits point 6 and maybe your header as well (it’s about a middle-aged woman eco-warrior).

    • I rarely see foreign films at the cinema (I rarely go to the movies!) but will watch on TV, Netflix etc. I was excited to see that SB have a new dedicated movie channel. Will hut down Icelandic Woman.

  2. 1. We Remainers feel your pain.
    2. Definitely different.
    5. We always knew – don’t mess with the gin drinkers.
    6. It certainly is.
    7. Good taste is so overrated.
    8. I’ll definitely be using this – 35 countries to go!
    9. I need to get that chunkster read, its been on the TBR forever…

    • I am making slow progress on Around the World challenge this year – it’s getting harder and I’ll soon be at the stage where I have to really seek out books relating to particular countries.

  3. 1) By the sounds of it, quite a surprising result as well
    4) Rigoletto is one of my favourite opera – very envious
    8) Great list! I already read quite a few of these, but will hopefully add more

  4. Election was very depressing. Mr Gums read an ABC News analysis that said Landlords voted to give their tenants free child care and free health care and tenants voted to let landlords keep tax concessions!! “Who said” it continues, “we are not a cooperative country”. Haha, but oh dear, really? Labor did best in electorates where people stood to lose the most, like Canberra, where we are ALL labour (well 3 Labor in the House of Reps, 1 Labour in the Senate, and 1 Lib in the Senate.)

    I’m thinking of going to a couple of German films on the weekend, but will see.

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