Eurovision 2019

My thoughts on Eurovision 2019 (in no particular order):

01. The song from the Netherlands was terrific (we’ve been singing it all day).

02. Greece was robbed.

03. Australia’s staging was easily the best. And although I don’t have an occasion, I feel I need a crown like Kate’s.

04. Where did the Estonian guitar go?

05. But really, everything about Eurovision was in this moment:

06. I absolutely need a ’12 points go to…’ tee for next year’s broadcast.

07. I never expected to be up at 5am to watch Madonna butchering Like a Prayer but there you have it…

08. Also, if America wanted in on Eurovision they should have asked after JT’s 2016 performance. The horror from Madonna (and you know I love Madonna) will mean the US application is misplaced.

09. North Macedonia… Where did you come from?!

10. So we expect the Greece and Cyprus 12 points situation but didn’t expect it to be booed.

11. Sweden with only 93 audience points… what?

12. And lastly, a recap on my predictions with how they actually placed:

Sweden – 6th
Greece – 21st
Belgium – didn’t make final
Norway – 5th
Australia – 9th
Cyprus – 15th
Switzerland – 4th
Moldova – didn’t make final
Spain – 22nd
The Netherlands – WINNER!



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  1. Well, North Macedonia’s gained points are not without political statements. Some thought that giving it so much points will mean that its new name is well remembered and the focus will be on the country’s political situation too.

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