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    • I really, really tried to love the series as much as everyone else but ultimately I just couldn’t buy that Elena would continue to let Lila have such an important role in her life as she did.

      • Please, would you explain what you meant when you referred to Home and Away? Is it the title of a novel or simply an expression? Also, I found the final volume distressing. Felt totally let down by Elena and dumbfounded by Lila. In fact, I think that what I enjoyed the most throughout the trilogy was the Ferrante’s description of the girls’ Neopolitan neighborhood. Fascinating but depressing!

      • Home and Away is an Australian soap opera! There’s always lots of romances and relationships between the people of one very small town (known as Summer Bay) and like any soap opera, there’s a few other dramas – car accidents, people getting murdered, mysteries. This third book of Ferrante’s seemed to have more of those melodramatic plot elements.

        The only thing I enjoyed about the books was the sense of place – best done in the first book. I thought Elena’s relationship with Lila in the second book was believable and interesting but I just didn’t think that Elena, who is meant to be a smart woman, would continue to allow herself to be taken advantage of by Lila.

    • I really should have listened to my instincts and stopped after the first one. I’m relying on someone in the blogosphere to have read the fourth book, so that they can give me the conclusion in a hundred words or less!

  1. I’ve seen this book series everywhere (at least you have somewhat decent covers though — the US ones are horrid) but I’ve never quite felt intrigued enough to pick them up. Looks like I made the right decision. haha

    • The US covers are truly horrendous (why would they do that?!).
      I stupidly bought the first three books on the strength of all the rave reviews, so felt compelled to read them.

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