What’s in a Name Challenge Wrap-up


It’s that time of year when the reading challenge wrap-up posts begin. I’m starting with the What’s in a Name challenge.

The challenge was simple – read one book that fits each of the six ‘categories’ – Continue reading

‘Nowhere Yet’ by Edward Cozza

I reckon everyone has a ‘friend’ like Rex – someone that pops up every few years having been out of contact and picks up where they left off, as if no time at all has passed. These friends are characteristically flighty, assuming, irritating and often highly entertaining which is why you keep letting them back into your life.

And this is how Edward Cozza’s novel, Nowhere Yet, opens.

Rex calls Grant after years of being incommunicado. He invites him to spend a weekend in Palm Springs and although Grant is initially hesitant, he accepts when he learns that his ex-girlfriend, Annie, will also be there.

This book looked promising – a modern Big Chill, I wondered? Unfortunately it failed to deliver. Continue reading