Best books of 2019 – a list of lists

It’s that time of the year when newspapers and magazines publish their ‘Best of 2019’ lists.

Lists usually begin appearing early November but I will keep adding as they are published.

The Best of 2019 According to #ALLTHELISTS will be coming in the next week or so – stay tuned! (See pervious lists here).

Publishers Weekly – short lists for various genres (fiction includes some excellent translated picks).

New York Times Notable Books 2019 – so many of these on my wishlist. See the NYT top ten here.

Esquire – all that’s boundary-pushing and buzz-worthy.

Indigo’s Best Books of 2019 – lots of titles on this list that aren’t appearing anywhere else.

Washington Post’s Best Books of 2019 – concise list of ten books (plus 50 notable fiction titles here)

Readings The Best Fiction Books of 2019 – categories for Australian and international authors (plus nonfiction and crime).

The New York Public Library Best Books of 2019 – top tens by genre.

The Evening Standard Best Books of 2019 – a list of 41.

Financial Times Best Books of 2019 Fiction – a fair list of 13 tiles (and an additional list of literary nonfiction).

TIME 100 Must-Read Books of 2019 – last year they stuck to 10, this year there’s no restraint (although the big list was followed by a curated top ten).

Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction Books of 2019 – broken down into useful categories such as ‘best fictional families’ and ‘best debuts’. You’re sure to find a ripper here.

Amazon Best Books of 2019 – there’s a bunch of genre lists but I’m interested in the 20 books that made the literature and fiction list.

The Telegraph’s 50 Best Books of 2019 – nonfiction-heavy (it’s behind a pay wall but you can get temporary free access).

Real Simple’s The Best Books of 2019 – another really, really long list (112) that has a bit of everything.

Vogue The 20 Best Novels of 2019 – a mix of contemporary literature and some light reads.

Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best Books 2019 – mix of fiction and non-fiction, sorted into lists for adults, teens and kids.

O Magazine Best Books of 2019 – the ten Oprah book club favourites for the year.

Glamour Best Books of 2019 (so far) – keeping their option on their 35-strong list open with the ‘so far’.

The Guardian Best Books of 2019 – I’d prefer an actual list but good if you like commentary.

Australian Book Review 2019 Books of the Year – authors do the nominating.

The Week’s Best Books of 2019 – okay, this list is actually quite different.

Forbes Top 10 Books of 2019 –  a trim (nonfiction) list.

GH The 60 Best Books of 2019 – mostly of the lighter reading variety.

Thrillist Best Books of 2019 – 42 on the thrilling list (crammed with some great translated picks).

Book Riot Best Books of 2019 – list by genre.

The New Yorker Best Books of 2019 – an Aussie makes this select list!

Inside Hook Best Books of 2019 – ten fiction picks and ten nonfiction.

Chicago Tribune 10 Best Books of 2019 – with a little political commentary on the side…

Noted 100 Best Books of 2019 – a New Zealand contribution.

Elle’s 29 Best Books of 2019 – if this was all you’d read this year, you would have had an amazing reading year.

Australian Financial Review Top 19 Books of 2019 – women dominate this list of 19.

Vulture Best Books of 2019 – a trim list of ten.

Slate Best Books of 2019 – also a trim list of ten.

NPR’s Favourite Books of 2019 – use the filters to wade through this 319-strong list.

Vox The Best 15 Boks of 2019 – safe, popular picks.

Marie Claire The Best Books and Audiobooks of 2019 Revealed – okay, this is an Apple Book list and some were published in 2018.

Boston 18 Best Books of 2019 – few from left field in this list.

Town and Country Best Books to Read in 2019 – mix of 23 fiction and nonfiction titles.

EW The 10 Best Books of 2019 – no surprises but a solid list.

Variety Best Books of 2019 – some titles on this list that don’t appear elsewhere.

Shelf Awareness Best Books of 2019 – not very razzle-dazzle but I guess a list is a list…

Library Journal Best Books of 2019 – lots of lists, sorted by genre.

The Times 50 Best Books of 2019 – paywalled list but you can have a free trial if you’re busting for this British list).

New York Public Library Best Books of 2019 – top tens for adults, teens and kids.

GQ Best Books of 2019 – authors do the nominating.

Book Page Best Books of 2019 – 20 in the fiction category

The Gazette Best Books of 2019 – straightforward top ten.

Lithub Our 50 Favourite Books of the Year – I guess everyone on staff got their say…

SheReads Best Books of 2019 – bit of everything here.

Sydney Morning Herald The Books We Loved in 2019 – writers do the nominating.

Buzzfeed These Are the Best Books of 2019 – a meaty mix of fiction and nonfiction.

Wall Street Journal The Best Books of 2019 – a few surprises in fiction.

People’s Best Books of 2019 – ten make the cut.

Smithsonian Favourite Books of 2019 – a nonfiction bonanza.

The Economist Our Books of the Year – you might want to skip straight to the fiction bits…

Parade 25 Best Books of 2019 – they’re calling it!


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  1. Love your list of lists Kate. Look forward to going through each link at my leisure. The Yield is pretty sure to finish top of mine, unless I read something this month (& I have Olive, Again & the new Ann Patchett waiting for me)! Anything could happen.

    • Unfortunately the Aussie authors don’t rate well in my ‘best of the lists list’, simply because of numbers, although when an Aus author does make it, it’s interesting to see who! (I think the last was perhaps Jane Harper or Tim Winton??).

      Like you, I have Olive and Ann waiting for me, as well as a bunch of other books that I ‘couldn’t wait for’! Where has the year gone?!

    • Than Anne! I’ll keep adding to it but know that the big compilation is about a week away (in time for leaving hints about what books people might buy you for Christmas…) 🙂

  2. I get so frustrated with these lists because they almost never include indie published books that are sometimes much better than the ones the big publishers put out for us. My #1 favorite will not be on any of these lists, I assure you. GRRR!

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