Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. I’ve been too busy to study the 2020 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival program closely but a few things did catch my eye – Women’s Weekly Birthday Cakes exhibition and this focus on food and wine from the volcanic region of Italy.

02. I saw Vika and Linda Bull last week. They are amazing. Vika’s rendition of Split Enz’s I Hope I Never made me cry. And then Linda did Willie Nelson’s Always On My Mind and I cried some more. Thankfully they also made me laugh… And they played lots of their nineties hits.

03. Atwood is coming to Melbourne! Atwood is coming to Melbourne! (And I’m going).

04. I’ve never wanted a tattoo… until I heard that my friend’s niece got a Milly Molly Mandy tattoo.

05. This article about how the New York Times compiles its ‘Best Books of 20XX’ lists (spoiler alert: it gets ‘passionate’, not ‘heated’).

06. Good Housekeeping stole my idea but have done a piss-weak job… (sit tight, my list lands next week and so far I’ve used 31 lists).

07. This always makes me laugh (and I love the Booker-style twist!).

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  1. 2 Love a good rendition of Always on my Mind (my friends are lucky I don’t do karaoke).
    4. Not sure about a bookish tattoo. But my truck is named after Miles Franklin
    7. Has there been a good description since Lady Chatterley?

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