Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – AV edition

01. I went to ’80s Mania’ a fortnight ago – Cutting Crew, Paul Young, Wang Chung, Go West and Taylor Dayne. I know, brilliant line up and they were all realistic about their performance (I think it was Cutting Crew who began by saying “We’re only playing four songs. One you’ll think was by REO Speedwagon and one you’ll know…I guess we could just play that one three times?!”

02. Thoughts about the concert: Dance Hall Days holds up; Paul Young didn’t play Love of the Common People and I will never forgive him; Peter Cox (Go West) loves himself. A lot. I think he still spends a lot of time in front of the mirror, singing into a hairbrush; Taylor Dayne has an amazing voice.

03. Since Paul robbed me, here’s a version from Bruce.

04. The Melbourne Theatre Company production of The Father was harrowing. Very good but really tough (it’s a story about dementia).

05. On a lighter and frothier note, I also saw Opera Australia’s new production of The Merry Widow. The 1920s-inspired sets and costumes were breathtaking. And the audience did enjoy the #YES curtain call.

06. Paul Kelly never fails. He didn’t play my very favourite song but he ticked off all the big hits and most of his new album.

07. I hope this comes to Australia.

08. Next in my Netflix queue, Alias Grace.

09. I’m slowly chipping away at the podcast list

10. Will be going to this Alice exhibition.

11. My 12yo and I are hooked on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Seriously funny stuff (and so many sly 80s references!).

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  1. I missed the eighties – too busy working, bringing up children. In fact I might have missed the seventies as well, all my musical reference are sixties (Yes, The Loved One is still the greatest pop song ever). But I have been to a few Paul Kelly concerts.

    • I feel the same about the 2000s – a complete blur.

      Paul Kelly is consistently good. His back-up singers this time were Vika and Linda Bull, who I love as well, so was a really fantastic night.

  2. I’m thinking about Alias Grace as well. I’m about to watch the final ever episode of ER, having worked my way through all 15 series (huge accomplishment) and will be looking for something to replace it with. I gave The Mindy Project a whirl. Very promising.

    • That’s dedication! I think the only shows I’ve ever worked my way through are Gossip Girl (still love it) and Grey’s Anatomy (although lost the thread after season 9).

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