Best Books of 2014 – A List of Lists

Illustration by Jen Wang.

Every year I get a little peevish about the number of ‘Best Books of 20??′ lists being published in November. Because clearly the people who compile these lists don’t read in December.

I read in December – I guess I have time because I don’t write a column about books for the New York Times…

Anyway, I’m about to start All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It’s on a lot of the lists below and it might be the best book I’ve read this year. And it’s December. Remember readers, you may still have THE book of 2014 ahead of you.

But if you are yet to discover THE BEST BOOK OF 2014, here are some ‘Best of…’ lists. It’s a list of lists – go forth and add to your TBR stack.

Readings Best Fiction of 2014 – I strongly agree with one choice and strongly disagree with another. But I’m not telling.

New York Times Notable Books 2014 – lots on this list that I still plan to read. In December.

Huff Post Best Books of 2014 – according to Huff, 2014 was a “…year of reading insatiably…”

Amazon Best Books of 2014 – there’s a hundred books on this list (which might be tricky to squeeze in over the next 20-odd days…)

The Guardian’s Best Paperbacks of 2014 – I think I need the bee book.

Slate Staff Pick Best Books of 2014 – that book selection I ‘strongly disagreed with’ on another list is also on this one. I’ll let you be the detective.

Publishers Weekly Best Books 2014 – the list is a manageable ten.

Washington Post’s the Ten Best Books of 2014 – includes links to other lists such as ‘50 best fiction books‘, graphic novels and so forth. They love a list at the Post.

Library Journal’s Best Books 2014 – an eclectic list

Bookworld Top Ten of 2014 – they also have a top ten fiction list.

We Love This Book – The Best of Books 2014 – yay for Barracuda (UK release, I suspect).

Book Page Best Books of 2014 – there’s 50 of them.

The Guardian Best Fiction of 2014 – wade through all the words and a list emerges.

No doubt there will be more lists. I’ll add them if I have the strength. I might also have a look to see which books pop up on all of these lists, if any.

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