I’ll Take What She Has by Samantha Wilde

Take two women – one wanting a baby and one a stay-at-home-mum – they’ve been best friends for more than twenty years. Introduce a third woman. The third woman has things the other two want. Or rather, there are reasons why the other two may hate her.

I know this is a standard trope for chick-lit but the plot of Samantha Wilde’s I’ll Take What She Has is predictable and, quite frankly, irritating. Plots need a villain but I get the impression that Wilde has an axe to grind* and she’s doing it through this story. Continue reading

20 books of Summer (except that it’s Winter)

20-books-of-summer-master-imageIn light of my post about my Netgalley habit and the fact that after June 19th I’ll have oodles of reading time (because exams will be over), I’ve decided to join Cathy’s 20 Books of Summer reading challenge. Except that it’s winter here. And therein lies the really ace thing about reading – it’s suited to #ALLTHESEASONS. Yes, there’s nothing better than having sand in the crack of your paperback (you thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you?) but it’s equally lovely to burrow under the doona, warm and toasty, and kill an hour with a book. Continue reading