Things that are making me happy this week

01. Peak lockdown: wearing trackies; drinking Prosecco and Refosco from Salatin during live tour of the vineyard in the Venetian hills; eating cheeses from That’s Amore, and insanely good Baccalà followed by duck ragout with green herbs and gnocchi from Caterina’s (on Queen St). Continue reading

20 Books of Summer (Winter) 2021 – Challenge Complete(ish)

The 20 Books of Summer reading challenge drew to a close yesterday, on Melbourne’s first distinctly-Spring-like day (it was 22 degrees and glorious). Continue reading

Things that are making me happy this week

Seems I’m eating and drinking my way through Lockdown 6.0…

01. Attica Chicken and Chill dinner – highlights: house smoked King Ora salmon with macadamia cream, lime oil and ciabatta; the asparagus ‘green slaw’; the silky white chocolate and yoghurt panna cotta with preserved blackberries and caramel corn. Continue reading