Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. It’s been a week of German Film Festival –

  • Sisi & I – I’m a bit obsessed with stories about Empress Elisabeth of Austria and this was an interesting take on one aspect of her life.
  • In a Land That No Longer Exists – great eighties vibe (and soundtrack) with an ending that left my friend and I debating possibilities.
  • Family Affairs – funny, but not as good as the first film, How About Adolf?

02. Dinner at Primo for their spanner crab with angel hair pasta special. Delish.

03. My family has a holiday tradition of assigning three, two, and one vote each day to what we’ve individually enjoyed. It’s in place of travel journals, and the system works well because it captures the little stuff as well as the obvious. I imposed this voting system on the friends I traveled to Hawaii with, and this week I typed up the votes – a lovely record that ranges from the ‘big’ memories (swimming with turtles!) to the smaller stuff (my friend unashamedly lying on the carpet to photograph the Frank Lloyd Wright ceiling). We all agreed that there were things in the votes that we would still be laughing about in twenty years.

04. Have been totally sucked into watching The Summit.

05. I think this will be my favourite nail polish this winter.

06. How have I only just discovered this (‘literary events in unexpected places’)?

07. Silver boots.

08. A quiet hour browsing in Readings, where I picked up a couple of new books, including the aesthetically pleasing Heartbake by Charlotte Ree (it has a yellow cloth cover, beautiful and moody photographs of food for the end-papers, and it’s a smallish, neat shape).

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  1. I love the 3, 2, 1 rating system! Wish we’d known about it on our recent roadtrip! My friend had made a REALLY COOL travel journal but there was never time to sit down together and fill it out!

    Those literary events sound fun!!!!

    The German Film Festival sounds awesome. I know that comes to L.A.. every year. Did I miss it? (Googles it…) No. Ours is in October. Whew!

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