Reading Challenges 2022

It’s technically possible to squeeze in another couple of books before midnight on December 31, 2021 but unlikely, so I think I can safely draw a line under the reading challenges for the year.

I participated in five challenges this year – finished three (or rather, will finish in the next few days); one is ongoing; and one I failed miserably.

Nonfiction Reader Challenge – the aim was 12 books over 12 nonfiction categories, and I’m on track to finish. Lots of standouts for this challenge but Wintering by Katherine May is one I’ve already returned to multiple times.

Memoir – I read 21 memoirs (the target was five). It’s difficult to pick favourites because I love this genre, but I did enjoy the different format of Heating & Cooling by Beth Ann Fennelly.

What’s In a Name – this challenge is always good fun, and an excellent way to reacquaint myself with titles in the TBR stack. I finished the challenge In August, and the highlights overlap with other challenges, but special mention to Theroux the Keyhole by Louis Theroux because it made me laugh so much.

Mount TBR – it’s as if I didn’t even try… I only read 29 of the pledged 48. I will be signing up in 2023 though – it keeps me ever-ever-so-slightly reading from what I already own. Happily, this challenge delivered some rippers including The Performance by Claire Thomas and Empire of Pain by Patrick Radden Keefe.

Around the World in 80 Books – my sixth year of an ongoing challenge and I managed to add three countries to the 58 I’d covered previously, bringing my total to 61. It’s getting increasingly more difficult! Glancing down the list, my pick for Saudi Arabia (Rebel by Rahaf Mohammed) was the winner.

As for reading challenges in 2023, I’m planning on participating in all of these again and perhaps looking for one or two new ones (GirlXOXO has lots of suggestions).

Are you trying any new challenges?

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  1. I’ll be continuing with my desultory efforts to Read the Nobels, do some from 1001 Books, and read the Miles Franklin and Booker winners — though my heart’s gone out of those two a bit because I know I’ll never complete either of them since I tried reading some recent winners and hated them and would have to be abandoned on a desert island with nothing else to read before I tried them again.
    I did What’s in a Name once, and to that I owe the discovering of Water Under the Bridge, by Sumner Locke Elliott. I didn’t actually read it during the year of the challenge, but I read it later on and I would never have bought it if I hadn’t wanted it for the challenge.

    • I continue with challenges in order to rediscover what’s in the TBR stack, and also for finding things I’d not otherwise read (as you did with the Elliot). Recently I read a book about farming for the Nonfiction Reader challenge that I doubt I would have read were it not for the challenge – it was so interesting.

  2. I’m impressed by your progress with 80 books around the world. I’ve been doing something similar but made it even harder on myself by stipulating the book had to be by an author from the country. It would have been easier if I’d also included book settings. Like you I’m now finding it harder to find new countries to add.

  3. Congrats!
    I stick with four regular challenges – mine (Nonfiction Reader Challenge), Aussie Author Challenge, Cloak & Dagger Challenge, and Historical Fiction Challenge, and then I add one or two new ones each year to push me out of my comfort zone. This year that will be the Translated Fiction Challenge and the Uncorked Library Bingo Challenge.

    • I considered Uncorked this year, but instead added Roll to Read – hopefully forces me to choose from the TBR stack.
      Looking forward to Nonfiction Reader again (and I think I have books in my stack that will fit each category, so no excuses!).

  4. I loved Wintering as well and can’t wait for Enchantment to come out! I’m going to have to check out some of these challenges – I’ve only participated in the GRs challenging the past few years. Thanks for posting the list!

  5. I haven’t officially done any challenges but there are always some that I follow, like TBR and Chunky Books.
    I love your list, there are a few books that I would love to read, as well, especially the Empire of Pain. Surely helpful.

  6. I’m so impressed with your participation in all these challenges! I’m only on 57 for AW80Books but it is getting harder as I decided each choice has to be written by someone from that country. I’m still really enjoying it though.

  7. Interesting challenges. I used to participate in so many that I never really managed to finalise them. Now I make my own challenges, and a few more, one in January – FINDS, one in July – Paris in July, and three in November – Nonfiction November, German Lit Month and Novellas in November. Busy month.
    Good luck with your challenges.

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