Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

We were almost back into isolation this week and there was a day waiting for PCR results that meant I missed a date with Nigella (cue #ALLTHEWAILING). Anyway, result was negative, so I’m very happy that we’re not isolating again.

01. Thinking my avocado seed is ready to upgrade to a pot.

02. Listening: This is Going to Hurt soundtrack – it’s terrific.

03. Watching:  Bridgerton S2. It’s fun.

04. I promised my family that I wouldn’t commit to study this year… but I don’t think a six-part monthly workshop on key philosophers and their take on particular emotions counts.

‘Whoever is educated by anxiety is educated by possibility.’ (Soren Kierkegaard)

05. Yes to Black Forest Butterbing.

06. Noisette has recently opened a store in my neighbourhood. Their croissants are very, very good…

07. Booking tickets to festivals (International Comedy and Rising).

08. Binged The Thing About Pam podcast – quick and gripping. There’s a TV series and apparently it’s on 9Now, but I can’t find it (yet a friend can?!).

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    • Hopefully I can successfully transplant the avocado.

      It’s my kids who have been in the COVID zone – the rules here are such that if someone in the household tests positive, the whole household has to isolate for seven days. We’re a family of six, so there’s the potential for one of us to be isolating for 5-6 weeks if it happened to roll through us all slowly!

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