Things that are making me happy this week

01. Finished my diving certification (at Pope’s Eye and Boarfish Reef). I went to 16 metres and honestly, it was the most physically and mentally challenging thing I’ve done in decades.

02. Had a big splurge at Readings – a couple of Stella titles (Blueberries and Witness), plus The Performance by Claire Thomas and The Believer by Sarah Krasnostein.

03. New puzzles from Cloudberries.

04. Skellig by David Gray (thank you to Cathy for the alert). I was supposed to be going to Gray’s concert in Melbourne last year – it has been rescheduled for April but I’m sure that won’t be happening! Hopefully it’s not cancelled altogether. I was (am) going with my dear friend who lived in Ireland for ten years. When I visited her there, White Ladder had just been released and we played the tape (!) on repeat for the entirety of our three-week road trip around Ireland.

05. This article about swimming pools and Australian art – I came across it by accident, but coincidentally it references a painting by Arthur Streeton that depicts one of the spots I visited on my Yarra walk two weeks ago (Sill’s Bend, Heidelberg).

06. A new handbag in my favourite shade of green.

07. Welcome to Your Fantasy podcast (Chippendales meets true crime).

08. Chicken meatball pitas with roasted red pepper feta (if you’ve never had whipped feta, hurry).

09. Watching: Made You Look (Netflix) – was she in on the scam…? I think yes, but at the same time when these things happen over years and years, you might miss the red flags.

10. Dark chocolate and sour cherry Easter bun cooking class.


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