Things that are making me happy this week

01. My Yarra River walking project continues – this week a slice of Britain with enormous oaks and pear trees (planted in the 1850s) lining the River.

02. It was timely to come across magnificent oaks because my walking friend and I both have new acorn vases.

03. Judy Blume interviewing Lily King. I know, right?! Soooooo good. And Lily has a new short story collection due in late 2021.

04. This was the highlight of our last lockdown.

05. Teskey Brothers with Orchestra Victoria.

06. Italian nectarines (also called honeydew nectarines).

07. Quite engrossed in A Million Little Things (on Stan in Australia).

08. Yay! The German Film Festival is returning.

09. Justifying a new windcheater

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  1. This week I’ve made rose petal jam tartlets, with jam from our local Turkish eatery. It’s normally a bit expensive for everyday jam tarts, but the jam was reduced because *sigh* he’s closing down (ironically because #FingersCrossed lockdown is over and he can go back to doing food trucks).
    And #miracle I found a pair of summer pants that I look good in.
    Plus #TouchWood the possums still haven’t got to our Pink Lady apples on the tree!!

    • Yum to the jam tarts – reminds me very much of childhood when my nan would let me make jam tarts from leftover pastry scraps 🙂

      Summer pants – an ongoing saga here as well…

      • Whatever cooking prowess I have, I owe entirely to my sister. She came for lunch to the small country town where I was living as a young mother, delivered a pitying smile to the reproduction of my mother’s cooking style, (a mincemeat pie) and subsequently sent me Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vols 1 & 2, with instructions to follow it slavishly the first time I did any recipe, and then I could adapt it once I knew what the basic principles were.
        Last night I made passionfruit ice-cream, to deal with a glut from our neighbour’s vine. I don’t like passionfruit much, but they do make a good cocktail, and now ice-cream. Who knew?

  2. I’d never heard of an acorn vase so naturally had to follow that link. Enjoyed a giggle when i discovered it comes with a 20 page instruction booklet. I’m much more of an instant gardener than that

    • It’s more a little booklet on oaks (varieties, oaks in history, the importance of connecting with nature, quotes from writers and poets about oaks… and two pages on how to prepare the acorn for the vase (keeping it in the fridge for a few weeks to replicate winter etc).
      My next purchase will be an avocado vase.

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