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Has there ever been such a grim title? Sorry, it’s the Pollyanna in me. I started writing Things That Are Making Me Happy posts seven months ago, when Melbourne went into its first lockdown. There was a brief gap between lockdowns one and two, but not enough for anything to feel ‘normal’. For me, that’s changed in the last two weeks and being able to see family and friends, and enjoy some dinners out, has been marvelous.

So, before I immerse myself in Melbourne’s ‘new normal’, I thought I’d remind myself of the highlights of ‘happy’. Here’s a quick summary of the best stuff –




Food & drink:

The little things:

  • my walks along the Yarra have sustained me
  • waking my teenage son up each morning (his request – laziness? Wanting someone else to take responsibility? Who knows… it took me right back to seeing him in his cot each morning)
  • listening to my daughter’s trombone lessons
  • my first swim after months of no chlorine
  • logging a shelf cloud on Cloudspotter


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  1. Yes, we’ve been stoic, but now it’s time to say Gadzooks but we’re glad it’s over!
    My son came to dinner this week and I got down to Rye to see The Spouse’s brother. And I was able to collect my latest book order instead of having it delivered.
    But we think we could get used to home delivered meals from Providoor. We’ve had some great dinners and none of the hassle of driving and parking and not having a drink because someone has to drive. Last week’s banquet from Hanoi Hannah was wonderful!

    • Yes, I hope things like Providoor continue to do well – let’s hope we can retain the ‘good bits’ of lockdown life.

      A trip to Rye – how lovely. I am wondering how it feel when I finally get in the car for a trip that takes more than 15 minutes! Suspect that my annual drive to the Mornington Peninsula will be exhausting 😀

      • It felt really good to barrel down the freeway at 100k with trees rushing by on both sides! (In a past life I was taught to drive by a racing car driver and although now I am a cautious little old lady, I still feel the occasional urge to plant the foot.)

  2. Mum this week has been for a country holiday with my Bendigo brother and then had me for the weekend, after 5 months on her own.
    I see our readings cross at least a little. In the last few weeks I have been given Trent Dalton, have given Ferrante, and have read Normal People (and bought the next). And Tues I will stop at an Italian fruit stall in Virginia SA where I can choose from 5 flavours of cannoli.
    Thanks too for TTAMMH, it has been a spot of cheer.

    • I have enjoyed the flurry of social activity, although I know some of my more introverted friends have found it a little overwhelming. I’m guessing your mum has welcomed the company.

      I’m about to start the new Dalton, and the new Ferrante.

      I tend to go for the traditional ricotta filling with the zing of lemon, but can be persuaded to something chocolatey – never good idea to get to stuck in your ways, is it?! 😉 Enjoy that cannoli.

  3. I’m a Pollyana, too. I’ve no doubt that’s irritating to some but it’s the only way I can cope. This post is very welcome as we head into winter in the northern hemisphere, reminding me of ways to make things easier,.

  4. Am rather envious that you are now emerging from a peculiar form of hibernation. Here in UK we’re in and out, in and out with rules seeming to change every few weeks (so many of them illogical decisions). We get to have 5 days “relaxed rules” over Christmas simply because so many people made a huge fuss and the government was afraid they’d be labelled killjoys. As if a virus knows what day it is.

    There, I got that off my chest 🙂

    • Well, we’re emerging because we did the hard yards for SEVEN MONTHS. I think restrictions that are on and off again, are confusing for people. And I agree, five days of relaxed rules (where people will be mixing with others indoors) is stupid – there will be a huge post-Christmas spike and any gains made prior will be for nothing.
      Thankfully we’re in summer now, and it seems that the virus doesn’t do so well in the hotter climates (and the fact that we’re socialising outdoors).
      I hope you get to celebrate the holidays in a safe way, and that you stay well.

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