Normal People – book vs. tv series

I thought the book was pretty much perfect (half a star off because I didn’t cry).

I sobbed while watching the tv series. It is perfection. The casting. The cinematography (all those close-ups, all those important details). There is not one glance, not one nervous swallow, not one sad sigh that is out of place.

Watch it.

Book. TV series.

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    • It is beautifully done. The age of the characters is depicted perfectly – it’s rare to see that age group done so well, minus stereotypes (particularly in relation to Connell, who experiences a lot of things – shame, love, grief, depression… it’s impressive).

  1. I liked the book but didn’t love it. Eager to see the TV adaptation though cos I’ve heard such great things. I don’t have Stan though, but I reckon I might be able to watch it on iPlayer because my laptop is UK registered… will see.

  2. Very unusual to see such high praise of an adaptation. I am contemplating watching before I read the book which is again unusual.

  3. Really enjoyed your posts about Normal People. I thought the book and adaptation were beautifully poignant – such subtle story telling. I wrote a review on my blog too if you fancy a read!

  4. I thought I had read this book, but a quick check of my Goodreads tells me the one I read was “Conversations With Friends”. I gave that one 5 stars so I definitely want to read and watch “Normal People”!

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