Things that are making me happy this week

01. Lockdown will be remembered for its sinkholes (by me and my friend, anyway. We headed to the city very early one foggy morning for a look at the latest hole). See my Twitter feed under #KewSinkhole for what’s been happening in my neighbourhood.

02. Kids going back to school (no, not because it’s the first time I’ve had alone since mid-March but because they’re much happier now that they have reconnected with friends).

03. Writing a guest post for Whispering Gums (I love our blogging community).

04. Listening to Wham!, and to Andrew Ridgeley narrate Wham! George & Me (first TV appearance below – they’re babies!).

05. New earrings from Polly Collective.

06. This kid… I’ve watched his entire oeuvre.

07. Also on Insta, I didn’t know I’d been playing ‘Can I go to the shops like this?’ but it turns out I have!

08. Stormy Weather.

09. ‘Pandemic personalities’ – I’m a hibernator.

10. The Great (on Stan in Australia).

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    • The first episode was so surprising, so different to what I expected – was worried the energy couldn’t be maintained or the style would wear thin but no, I loved it all.

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