Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Had a big Saturday afternoon and evening at Rising:

  • First up, the Invisible Opera (so clever, but can’t say anymore or it would be a spoiler)
  • next, The Hole – bizarre and made me think fondly of the sinkhole
  • dinner at Hero to warm up (the anchovy on toast and the baccala were the heroes)
  • marveled at the Monochord laser that shone down the Yarra
  • got lost in the Kaleidoscope
  • and finished the night looking at the spectacular sculptures at The Wilds (and eating Piccolina sundaes by an open fire).

02. Watching and loving: Everything I Know About Love (based on the fab book by Dolly Alderton).

03. Listening: to the ripping soundtrack for Everything I Know About Love.

04. More NLNL! They played I Will Survive and my friend and I busted out all of our best Sunday-nights-at-The-Warehouse-in-1992 moves.

05. ‘New’ Robbie.

06. German Film Festival – The Forger. Bit of an odd film – the story was fascinating, but it jumped all over the place.

07. Taco Rice by Adam Liaw – delicious, although I used the recipe from his book which replaced the broth/stock with a can of diced tomatoes. And yes, I made my own taco seasoning.

08. Disco phone case.

09. Dinner at the brand new Freyja – I was crying about the fact that the trout roe was sold out, but the mussels, insanely good sourdough and butter, and duck with beetroot made up for it. Also the fermented crispy potatoes. And the chocolate tart with Davidson plum sorbet.

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    • Yes, there’s no in-between with mussels, is there? It’s either love or loathe! These were in a yeast and balsamic broth, which sounds strange and a bit yuck, but was actually fresh and bitey.

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