Things that are making me happy this week

01. This whale that my daughter stitched for me (because “I thought you might like a whale”).

02. Patrick Radden Keefe and David Grann’s fascinating conversation about the art of writing true crime.

03. Planning my reading for #20BooksOfSummer.

04. The release of Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld (I’ve been waiting for this since I heard her talk about it at last year’s Broadside Festival).

05. Fleischer Black Forest Cake (I always forget just how good it is until I take a bite).

06. Windmill socks.

07. Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, ‘reimagined’ – hello Lune, hello Mr Bianco.

08. Nutella self-saucing pudding (I rarely make desserts but with extra lockdown time on my hands….).

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  1. “I thought you might like a whale” – I love it!

    Choosing the 20 Books of Summer is the best, isn’t it? (Often better than reading them!)

    I’ve petitioned the UK publicist for a copy of Rodham: a PDF, a proof, whatever; I don’t care. I must have it!

    • I’ll change my 20 Books list a dozen times before I post it, and even then I’ll leave a few spots free.

      I’d also requested an ARC of Rodham but couldn’t wait, and bought it last week.

  2. I’m not sure about Rodham. HC is a deeply conservative woman who just happens to be a Democrat. Still, an alternative history for a living and well known person is certainly an interesting idea.

    My daughter, well into her teens, made me truck cushions for my back. I still have them twenty years later.

  3. Nutella self saucing pudding – yes please! I am also going to take a closer look at the food festival and see if there is something that catches my eye.

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