Melbourne Writers Festival 2018

It’s Melbourne Writers Festival program launch day!

Having had to keep #ALLTHESECRETS for the last few months (I have had the privilege of being on the Audience Advocate committee this year), I was busting for tonight’s launch so that I could start talking events. The program is a ripper and I can’t tell you how much I love this year’s theme – ‘A matter of life and death’ (that’s Virginia Gay in the pic, launching the Festival).

There’s lots to be excited about but in particular I’m looking forward to some new formats (there are book clubs with wine, cheese and an author hosting. And Duets sessions where writers and musicians talk lyrics); some new venues; and events to attract groups that might not have thought the Writers Festival was their gig (animal lovers will be thrilled). Marieke Hardy has put her unique stamp on the Festival, with a good show of glitter, theatre, hot toddies and some events that push boundaries.

I need to spend a few solid hours studying the program and plotting my strategy but there’s a bunch of events that I’ll be first in line for – Sarah Krasnostein’s book club (her selection is My Name is Lucy Barton); Magda’s Funeral; Marwa Al-Sabouni and Ben Quilty on a generation of survivors; the always fabulous Paul Kelly; Mara Wilson on microblogging and empathy; and Jessie Cole, Bri Lee, Krissy Kneen and Tim Winton and a hundred others…

I can’t wait!


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