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    • I LOVED that tv series – so well done and captured the spirit of Olive and the town she lived in.
      There are similarities between this one and Olive – Olive is more complex but this is a great read.

  1. Elizabeth Strout’s prose are always masterful; her stories are often shaded dark, describing the unfolding of a regular life or lives, characters expressing the mundane madness of moving through their allotted destinies. She’s not going to spring any serial killing boyfriend or “gosh, Dad’s really a spy working for the CIA” on her reader. Her characters suffer loudly and quietly, they die, they disappoint, are disappointed…they embrace joy when it smacks right up against them. She’s a fictional “realist”.

    Lucy Barton is on my 2016 “to be read” list, but I don’t expect to be doing cartwheels upon completion… which is alright, as my days of limitless cartwheeling are behind me.

  2. Did you read her one after Olive and before this one? I avoided because I didn’t hear good things about it, but like you I loved Olive, so would put this on the list if you say it’s good enough… ?

    • Burgess Boys? I haven’t read it. Only read Olive a few years ago (did you see the tv series of Olive – it was beautifully done).

      This book is short – you could knock it over in an arvo and it would be an afternoon well spent.

      • Yes Burgess Boys. I did see the tv version of Olive, watched it twice in a week once on my own and then once again with my mother, knowing she’d love it. I will read this one… next year!

  3. I’ve never read anything by Elizabeth Strout, but I have heard good things about her work.

    I think often times we over look these novels that are ‘quieter’ for more action and drama, but these kinds of novels are just as powerful but in an understated way. I’ve added this one to my wishlist because it sounds amazing – thought provoking even.

    • Ultimately I prefer quieter novels – less likely to be spoiled by reading reviews as well (nothing worse than knowing the plot twist in a thriller before you’ve even read it!).

  4. I just read a review of this book in the newspaper this morning, and I’m so happy to see your review now! Your thoughts on this book make me think I need to put in on my to-read list. Thanks!

  5. This sounds great! I love the way you describe their sadness – makes me want to read it right away. But my plan is to read Olive first, since she is sitting on my shelf. 🙂

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