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01. I’ve finished uni for the semester. Now I’m planning six weeks of fun.

02. It’s too late for thoughts on Eurovision and the Royal Wedding (but I loved it all).

03. The ex-town-planning student in me is thrilled by Melbourne’s new public spaces. Even more so because they’re associated with public transport.

04. This article by Lisa McInerney and this one by Kerry Hudson. Both terrific.

05. I get totally sucked into these sorts of lists. Now I want to go to Budapest.

06. Let’s talk Handmaid’s Tale S2: I’m enjoying it but it’s fallen into that Hollywood trap of having to have something happen and resolved all in one episode. The reason S1 was so good was because it followed the narrative arc of the book – the slow build across the entire season.

I’ve been thinking back to other television shows that have been really, really gripping and the one that comes to mind is Homeland S1 – like Handmaid’s S1, it was all about the slow build across the entire season.

07. On Chesil Beach, the movie. I can’t wait (it’s in my top three McEwans).

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  1. 03. The stations are good to ‘interesting’. Not sure about N.Melb and dislike Anzac as the name for StKilda Rd. In NSW truck parking bays are named after VC winners – all part of glorifying war and regimenting the citizenry.

    07. You’ve got me reading McEwan but I find him just so-so.

    • I really like the North Melbourne design because of its industrial theme but the Anzac station I’m less sure about – not sure what the huge canopy is supposed to symbolise (the others have architecture that clearly reflects their immediate surroundings without mimicking).

      There’s a fine line between respectfully remembering and glorifying… and choosing appropriate monuments to do that (so truck bays…??).

      McEwan is hit and miss but I thought Atonement, Chesil Beach, The Children Act and Nutshell were all solid reads.

  2. I really like Parkville with its view of the trees. I dislike the name Anzac as well, but – let’s face it, we should be grateful they’re not named after football players…

      • Yes, I saw it a week or so ago.
        But… I saw it as part of the British Film Festival at the Palace, so maybe it’s not on general release yet. (You know, like Amelie, which I saw at the French Film Festival weeks before it was on general release). You can sign up for a Palace newsletter which gives you all the screenings and times for the week ahead, even if you’re not a Palace member….

  3. That Kerry Hudson article is an eye-opener. I’ve never come across those attitudes directly but I’m increasingly aware I wander around in my own little bubble (eg everyone I know voted Remain)

    A friend I saw yesterday said she won’t speak to me again until I get my act together and visit Budapest – it’s that awesome 🙂

  4. Love lists like 5! We just did the 6 this past March, and we’re heading to 19 this July. I really, really want to check out Greenland. IcelandAir (I think?) offers a day trip to Greenland that I’ve always wanted to do.

    • Miami was one of the best holidays I’ve had (beaches, Art Deco glory, great food….) – enjoy!

      As you know, I’d love to go to Iceland/ Greenland but it really is a bucket-list item for me – it’s outrageously expensive from Australia. We have some European plans for the end of the year which will probably suck the travel budget for the next few years – have told the kids it will be their last family holiday 😀

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with Handmaid’s 2, although I am still enjoying it but not near as much as I did S1. I also agree with you on Homeland. I ended up quitting around season 4 and that was definitely a few too many seasons.

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