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01. Are we excited about the Man Booker 2017 longlist? I’ve read two (Exit West – didn’t like it much at all; Swing Time – loved some bits, other bits not so much) and have one more in the reading pile (The Underground Railroad). I’m intrigued by 4 3 2 1 and Lincoln in the Bardo. Tell me who you think will win and I’ll endeavour to read those before it’s announced so I can feel smug about being ahead of the curve 🙂

02. Was kind of hoping to see Sara Baume on that longlist…

03. Melbourne Writers Festival bookings made. I’ll be seeing Heather Rose, Joyce Carol Oates, Alice Pung, Kate Grenville, Megan Abbott, Elizabeth Kostova, Kate Holden, Jenny Valentish, Kate Cole-Adams, Randa Abdel-Fattah, Maxine Beneba Clarke, AS Patrić, Tracy Chevalier and Hannah Kent. How lucky am I?!

04. I’ll take a Zelda or a Virginia, thanks (from the book – A Drink of One’s Own: Cocktails for Literary Ladies).

05. Stop. Everything. #mintslice

06. Don’t really know why this made my daughter and I laugh so much but it did… (especially #8)

07. Saw Baby Driver this week. Obviously it’s completely over the top but the way the soundtrack was incorporated? So clever. And the cinematography? Brilliant. And the Barbra Streisand line? Gangsta.


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  1. Who wouldn’t giggle at number 7! I’m with you on the Baume but massively relieved to see Reservoir 13 on the Man Booker list, not least because I won’t have to find a hat-shaped cake to eat.

  2. I loved the Ali Smith book Autumn -highly recommend it. Relevant and imaginative and l sorts of wonderful. Also LOVED Solar Bones – it crushed me in how it evoked the complexities of a human life in a single moment. And it’s Irish! Lincoln in the Bardo is such a wondrous achievement and unlike anything I have ever read -and I hope it wins. I am keen to read The Underground Railroad and have loved other Sebastian Barry novels. A couple haven’t been released in Australia yet.
    I have booked to see Joyce Carol Oates too and am reading her latest book at the moment. She’s amazing.

  3. The Man Booker books don’t seem to work for me that often! I haven’t read Exit West, but read the first page in a bookstore yesterday and loved the writing. So then put it on hold at the library.

  4. I liked the first part of Exit West but it lost me as they began to travel and drift and undo. I have Swing Time on the shelf and I’m interested in reading Kamila Shamsie and Jon McGregor and Solar Bones has been on my radar for a long time. Lots of familiar names.

  5. #1. Already have McCormack and will definitely buy the Arundhati Roy. Totally jealous of your MWF bookings. I’m going to have to rethink when I take holidays. I’d say I totally enjoyed #6 but would my grumpy old guy reputation survive?

    • MWF well worth a visit – events usually clustered around the weekends but lots on so you can cram a few events into one day.
      Re #6 – your secret is safe with me.

  6. While I recognise a few titles from this year’s longlist, I haven’t read any of them and to be honest maybe one or two have piqued my attention this year. I don’t know, maybe some reviews will convince me otherwise before the winner is announced 😛

  7. I saw the pet pics on Facebook I think – very cute…. and I’m very meh-ish about animals!

    I’ve not been to the movies for ages but Baby Driver doesn’t really do it for me though I’ve mostly heard good things.

    Someone was raving the other day about the Big Little Lies soundtrack as well. I’ve not seen the show / know what music they used.

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