Six Degrees of Separation – from Midnight’s Children to Sisterland


It’s time for #6Degrees – join in! Link up! Get into it!

We begin this month with Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie (as picked by Jenny). I haven’t read it but my husband has – this is significant because my husband rarely reads novels.

Every summer, my non-novel-reading husband takes Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, on our beach holiday. He hasn’t read it (yet) but it still comes with us each year. It has become a running joke when we’re packing and I say, “Have you got Shantaram?”

Those that are familiar with Shantaram will know that it’s not a small book (944 pages). My book group usually chooses something heftier for summer reading and a couple of years ago they picked Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges (768 pages). I must confess, I pulled a Shantaram on this one –  the book came on holiday with me but I never even opened it!

But I did see the movie. Around the same time as The Imitation Game was out, so was The Theory of Everything, a movie about Stephen Hawking and his book, A Brief History of Time. I’ve read the start of every chapter in Hawking and then drift toward the end – so not quite a Shantaram

From a ‘brief history’ to ‘the noise’ with the latest from Julian Barnes, The Noise of Time. Haven’t read it (yet) but it sits alongside another ARC I have from the beginning of the year, Beside Myself by Ann Morgan.

Beside Myself is a story about identical twin sisters, as is Sisterland by Curtis SittenfeldSisterland also happens to be another book that I have an ARC of and which I haven’t yet read.

So, apart from my clever links between the books, the overarching theme for me this month is ‘books I haven’t read – yet’. I wonder where other chains will lead?

Next month (August 6th, 2016) the chain will begin with an international best-selling debut – Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks.

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  1. This is one my to complete list, but I am stuck. I have not read the first one and have yet to come up with any type of link! I’m thinking…

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  3. Brilliant links, as usual. It’s s much fun seeing where everyone goes with it.

    I had a chain worked out – and then realized that one of the links was “broken”. I was too discouraged to finish off this month. I hope to do better next with Year of Wonders.

  4. Meh, you’re not missing much with Sisterland in my opinion. I listened to the audiobook awhile back and wasn’t impressed. I really need to start doing these 6 Degrees posts again, so fun!

    • Funny, I’ve read some great reviews of Sisterland and some shockers – I always like books that garner extreme reactions!

      And yes, do join us for some #6Degrees fun 🙂

  5. Excellent links! I think I might give this a go next month, it’s always so much fun reading yours.

    I’ve had Shantaram lurking in my TBR for at least two years – it frightens me to look at it. I have read Midnight’s Children though and I didn’t love it – you’re not missing out on anything. It was really weird and way too long in my opinion.

    • I feel like I ‘should’ read the Rushdie but if I’m being perfectly honest, I never will – too many other books that grab me more. So maybe my husband is scared of Shantaram?! 😂

  6. The Theory of Everything is actually based on the book of the same title with by his wife, Jane Hawking. The movie isn’t so much about Stephen and his book, but his family life with Jane.

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