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01. How’s this for a PoDN*? I reckon it’s fabulouso – it’s near Vegas, it’s called Seven Magic Mountains, and it’s by Ugo Rondinone.

02. I’ve had an enormous week of fun – The Pearl Fishers (best performance I’ve seen of this opera); three 5am starts for Eurovision semis and final (worth getting up at stupid-o’clock for); The Sound of Music musical (the film remains the best but maybe I have a Matilda the Musical hangover that will never go away?);Β  and yesterday I saw Rosalie Ham speak about The Dressmaker and other things (Hemsworth got a mention).

03. The fun stopped yesterday though. My computer upgraded itself (or maybe one of my delightful children hit the wrong button) to Windows 10 and it’s no secret that it’s shit. And I’ve now lost access to my email and even thinking about trying to sort out that problem is too much to bear. Everyone, please send snail-mail until further notice.

04. Today I’m also going to hold undies and ask myself if they spark joy.

05. What, with computer crap and talking to my clothes, it’s safe to assume that I’ll need a very large glass of gin at the end of the day *fills ice cube tray now*


06. It’s things like this tweet that make me curious about the Franzen talk I’m going to soon. Had you seen this latest bit of other-authors-hating-Franzen, Jenny? (This is the Franzen turd sandwich that Shipstead is referring to.)

07. It’s killing me that I’m not dropping everything for the new Lionel Shriver. I’ve got a sample at least… *Book-buying-ban continues but no one has given me a medal yet*

08. A shout-out to Susan at A Life in Books – her round-ups of new releases each month are thrilling (but also throw me into the depths of despair – see above).

09. Look at this film news Madame Bibilophile!

10. I’m going to cry buckets when I see the film version of The Light Between the Oceans, aren’t I?

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*Pop of Desert Neon

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  1. Funny that you had a computer update this week. I had to update my phone (I’d been putting it off for ages) and now it won’t recharge unless completely switched off. I guess that was one way to force me to upgrade my handset. Grrrr.

    • Tech issues are the one thing that make me incredibly anxious – I think it’s because I’m fully aware that I have zero understanding and that fixing problems either involves hours on the phone to help desks or lots of $$ (or both).

  2. I’m excited! As the author has written the screenplay I’m hopeful it won’t be one of the film adaptations that completely mess with the novel (I will never forgive Harold Pinter for The Handmaid’s Tale – never)

    Number 4 πŸ˜€

    • Same – I figure when the author is involved in the screen play the story won’t be buggered up. A great example is Irving’s Cider House Rules – the movie only covers a third of what’s in the book but because Irving himself wrote the screenplay, it all works.

      no 4: I’ve said “Thank you for your service” to a lot of cardigans & tops with asymmetrical hems today.

    • Thank you for your posts – I like to know what I’m missing out on πŸ˜‰

      After an hour on the phone yesterday, my email is restored and I’m feeling greatly relieved. Who knows why but I find tech problems all-consuming until they’re sorted.

  3. Oh, GRRR, I hate updates! I never know what will happen afterwards…and the first time I updated my iPhone, I thought I had killed it. But it just took a long time. However, all of my little icons were buried under other stuff. My thirteen-year-old grandson sorted it for me. LOL.

    Now I’m curious about what new thing is happening with Franzen…


  4. Oh my gosh. How did I not know about the sculpture in Vegas?! I live there. It looks fantastic! Although, I do wonder which direction outside of Vegas… I’m going to have to research this. Thank you! πŸ˜€

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