Book vs. Film: The Dressmaker



  • It played up the spaghetti-Western element of the book perfectly*.
  • Hemsworth.
  • Costumes. Brilliant.
  • The landscape (but I am partial to the Wimmera** district).
  • Winslet nails the accent.

*Director Jocelyn Moorhouse described the film as “Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven with a sewing machine.”
**Ham’s novel was set in the fictional town of Winyerp, which was based on the Victorian town of Murtoa.

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  1. Did you enjoy the film?

    I’ve heard mixed reports about it so far from friends.
    I haven’t read the book – what era is the story set in – it looks like the 50’s from the dress and hair?

    I’m happy for you to include this in AusReadingMonth if you’d like.

    • I loved the film. I think it ‘got’ the humour in the book (I suspect that the people who haven’t enjoyed book/film have taken both too seriously – it’s supposed to be funny – the humour is dark and the movie pulls it off by making it a little spoofy – I thought it worked brilliantly).

      And sorry, I missed getting on-board with AusReadingMonth in a fulsome way – exams have sapped half of November but I will look at what Aussies I have in the TBR stack.

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    • Always hard to know what’s better when you see a great film and then read the book because the visuals from the film influence your reading.

      I sincerely hope the musical Ladies in Black comes to Adelaide (based on the book Women in Black) – set in a department store in the fifties and has the same kind of dry humour as Dressmaker (and frocks!). You will LOVE it.

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