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  1. Thanks Katrina, that’s ace! I haven’t read many of them but I love Wonder and The Book Thief. I remember I liked Angela’s Ashes when it came out. And I read Cider House Rules – but years ago.

    So, I Expect you have hit the nail on the head with all the others … I’ll start reading ASAP.

    And how good was the octopus … and the nasturtium oil? And that cheese …


  2. Oh and, I loved The Jane Austen Book Club … and I am keen to read her other one. And I am currently 2/3 through One Day … It’s my book on the go. And I just then borrowed The Miniaturist on BorrowBox.

    Really. So excited.

    • The Miniaturist reminded me of Eucalyptus in some ways – that fairytale quality.

      I haven’t read The Jane Austen Book Club but WEACBO is apparently very different to her other books, so I hope you like it. If you can, avoid reading reviews because there are far too many spoilers out there!

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  6. Hey Katrina, just reviewing this list as I am half way through The Strays and I knew you’d have your thoughts about it on your blog- I read your review post and then this one came up as well.

    I have now read quite a few books on this list you made for me and have enjoyed them all … So thanks so much! It should keep me going for a
    while still – but I would be happy with an update. For some more context I have enjoyed The Museum of Modern Love, Normal People and Boy Swallows Universe in the last year or so. I am sure they would be included in your updated list! In any case it is such a nice thing to come back to – a list just for me! Xxx Leanne

    • I certainly would have put the books you’ve enjoyed recently on a list for you. I’ll have a look back over what I’ve read in the last year or so and add some more (I haven’t been very diligent with the ‘books Leanne would like’ tag but will use it going forward 🙂

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