Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


1. I have a saying – “Gelato Messina is on the way home from everywhere.” Think you can handle 40 flavours? Knock yourself out.

2. While we’re on Gelato Messina, last night I had their special of the week – Old Gregg. It was sublime.

3. Which is the perfect segue into the Baileys Prize. If you haven’t connected the dots, watch this (and laugh).


4. So I still haven’t read How to Be Both. I had very good intentions a few weeks ago (because my book group was reading it) but… but… Didn’t. Haven’t. Will.

5. It wasn’t until halfway through 2014 that I read my first 5/5 book for that year. In contrast, I’ve read already read three this year, the most recent being the truly lovely The Night Rainbow.

6. Kindles and fonts.

7. I saw Don Carlos last week. It’s a superb opera (and my favourite this season). I commented to my friend afterwards how so many things that happen in opera don’t happen in real life (duh, obvs but stay with me…). For example, I said, mistaken identity with a simple lace veil or hanky over your face. Because really, you could easily mix-up your lover with someone else if they were wearing a fascinator. The next day I saw this article and laughed. Out loud. – “A fan has caused a great deal of trouble at one of your balls.”

8. Can’t believe I didn’t include Go Set a Watchman in my 20 Books of Summer list. Bugger.

9. Love these.

10. Look. At. This. #prettyanddelicious


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  1. Mmmm, gelato… 😀

    Oooh, thanks for the update re: the Baileys Women’s Prize winner! When I left for clinical earlier they were just setting up for the evening’s event and when I came home I totally forgot to check the results xD I think I added How to Be Both on my want-to-read list but I should double-check…maybe now’s a good time to pick it up? 🙂

  2. A) I’m happy you wrote about opera. I am trying to share more of my musical outings on my blog but with little exception they kind of go ignored.

    B) I’m also happy you brought up the implausibility of so many operas. I took 20-year old nephew to his first opera back in March. It was The Flying Dutchman and he enjoyed it quite a lot. But we got to talking about the crazy, implausible things that happen in operas and I wondered what it would be like if someone took a beloved opera, didn’t change any of the music, but came up with a new plot and entirely new libretto that was totally plausible and possibly even contemporary. Opera purists would go nutso, but it would also be kind of fascinating I think.

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