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  1. I want to defend him. Yes, he could be an arsehole and often was, behaved appallingly at times. But lots of credible people, people who knew him well, people who only met him once, acquaintances, say he could also be kind, generous, gentle, funny, and everything the opposite of arsehole. Some people say they never saw him behave badly, never saw him rude or arrogant or arseholey. Others say they never saw any good side of him. Others say they experienced both.

    I think he was a lot more contradictory than the mythology allows for. And no one’s going to go with the idea that ‘Hemingway was no more an arsehole than a lot of other people and probably not a complete and utter 100% arsehole because who really is?’

  2. This is one of the most succinct book reviews and comments I’ve read in ages. You summed up my feelings after reading this book precisely!!
    Don’t read A Moveable Feast or you may be moved to use even stronger language 🙂

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