Sample Saturday – a photographer, a kitchen hand and a sea enthusiast


Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen

Why I have it: Click over to my list of book reviews. They’re sorted alphabetically by author. There’s nothing there for ‘Q’ and it really shits me.

Summary: Struggling (but once successful) photographer, Rebecca, flees the city, meets a man and discovers life viewed without a lens can be okay.

I’m thinking: No. Getting a strong mum-lit vibe. Will have to wait until another ‘Q’ author comes my way.

Chop Chop by Simon Wroe

Why I have it: Foodies Reading Challenge??

Summary: English literature graduate with no money is forced to take a job in the kitchen of The Swan, a formerly grand restaurant that has lost its luster. And chefs are a weird breed.

I’m thinking: The opening chapter is grotesque, fascinating and stomach-churning. So, yes.

The Sea Inside by Philip Hoare

Why I have it: I read this lovely article about swimming in the Thames by Hoare. I have a bit of a thing for swimming in rivers.

Summary: Hoare sets out to rediscover the sea, its islands, creatures, myths and stories, and in doing so, travels the world.  Part memoir, part travelogue.

I’m thinking: No. Hoare writes in that “telling you” style rather than “showing you”.

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