Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen

In my previous ‘before-children’ life, I worked in water management. The nineties were an interesting time in Victoria in terms of water resources – we shifted from simply river management to whole-of-catchment management; the importance of environmental flows were recognised; and paying for water that was collected on private property (in farm dams) was established. The changes don’t seem like much when I list them here but they took years to implement and had major implications for rural communities, legislation, and the way natural resources were managed.

What does this have to do with Anna Quindlen’s novel, Miller’s Valley?

Everything and nothing. Continue reading

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday – One True Thing by Anna Quindlen


First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday is hosted by Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea – it’s a weekly meme where you share the first paragraph (or two) from a book you are considering reading.

Last year I mentioned my slightly OCD need to round-out my list of book reviews alphabetically. To date I’ve filled in the pesky X, Y and Z spots on my list and now only two spaces remain – Q and U. The letter U will be filled by some John Updike. In the meantime, I’m considering One True Thing by Anna Quindlen for the letter Q. It begins with this – Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday – ABC….My Alphabetical Author List Has Some Gaps

You’re going to think I’m weird. A little obsessive-compulsive. But since I finally got around to organising all my book reviews into a handy list, ordered alphabetically by author, there’s something that has been really bugging me. The gaps.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new ‘top ten’ challenge is posted – this week’s topic is a freebie so I’ve decided to list some authors that I MUST read so that my alphabetical list has at least one author for each letter of the alphabet. At this point, some of you will totally understand this need for completeness. Others will think I’m a total nut.

So, the letters missing authors are (in alphabetical order of course): Continue reading