2014: What I Read


Here’s my year in books (with thanks to the Goodreads record keeping tool):

I read 71 books in total. According to Goodreads, that’s 22,976 pages.

Of those, 50 were by female authors and 21 by male authors.

Sixteen books were by Australian authors (12 female authors and four male authors) and the rest were from America, England, Germany, Scotland, Denmark and Sweden – I miss the translated reading challenge which had me reading more widely.

I read 17 books from authors I’ve read before and 54 books from authors that were new to me in 2014. My favourite new discovery was Kerry Hudson.

I re-read three books but failed my re-reading reading challenge (sorry Lianne!).

Of the 71 books I read, 23 were first published in 2014.

I read only six non-fiction books (five of which were memoirs).

Of the books I read, 51 were e-books (on Kindle) and 20 were either paperbacks or hardbacks.

I took part in five reading challenges and finished four of them.

I won’t sort books into genres because what I consider contemporary literature for example, others may not. Nevertheless, I read mostly contemporary literature plus memoirs, lad-lit and chick-lit, a few YA novels and some historical fiction.

I’m too scared to count how many books I bought. And how many of those I haven’t yet read. And let’s not get started on how many samples are on my Kindle (officially OUT OF CONTROL).

Tomorrow I’ll post my 2014 Top Ten. I know you can’t wait.

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    • I read it midway through the year and found it mediocre at best. I liked the concept and thought some of the characters were really well done but then it all got a bit silly.

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