Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Best night at the Wheeler Centre seeing Sloane Crosley. She talked about writing both fiction and nonfiction, noting that “In complimenting fiction, people say ‘It’s so believable, so realistic’ but in complimenting memoir they say ‘It’s unbelievable!’”. Plus I was thrilled to hear that there’s a movie script for Cult Classic underway, and that her new work of narrative nonfiction focuses on grief (Grief is for People, out next year). Continue reading

The Top 54 from the Best Books of 2022 List of Lists

Presenting the 2022 Commonly-Agreed-by-the-People-Who-Publish-Best-of-2022-Book-Lists-Before-December-31 top 54 books.

(This is my annual community service to book-bloggers – a list of the books that appear most frequently on the 52 lists that I listed on Best Books of 2022 – A List of Lists – enjoy!). Continue reading

Recommend a… Book With a Blue Cover

From Chick Loves Lit comes Recommend a… – a single book recommendation a week. This week’s topic is ‘Recommend a book with a blue cover.’

My pick is the wonderful, detail-rich The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.

There have been lots of editions of this book printed since it was first published in 1998, most featuring a rich golden African sunset scene. However, the one that sits on my shelf is blue. The Poisonwood Bible is a book that I have been meaning to read again – I loved it the first time I read it (and testamant to this is the fact that I still have it – I tend to hand books on once I’ve read them, keeping only favourites) and, more than a decade after reading it, parts of the story stay with me.