Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Talk about a nail-biter! Sweden for a thrilling win against USA at FIFA World Cup.

02. My first Melbourne International Film Festival choice for 2023 – Showing Up. I realised about half an hour in, just how clever the title was –  the way Michelle Williams presents, with intentional flatness was impressive – she is only just ‘showing up’. I came out of the movie feeling exhausted – again, amazing that a character can make you feel that way within 90 minutes.

03. This puzzle.

04. Is it too soon to be planning holidays for 2024? No, it is not. Three Capes hike and a week in Margaret River is in my future.

05. Watching: Firefly Lane (I’m late to the party, I know).

06. Listening: The Girlfriends podcast – light but has sucked me in.

07. Nice things – Sicilian mandarins, a big batch of the best granola, a walk to Mt. Lofty, and the sturgeon moon.

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  1. That sturgeon moon last week was pretty amazing wasn’t it? We were driving down the blue mountains into Sydney. There were times it was sitting right at the end of the road like we could drive right into it. Beautiful but very distracting!

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