Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. I’ve been to numerous fashion exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria but I think Alexander McQueen has been the best – loved how his work was displayed alongside paintings, clothing and other artifacts that provided the inspiration for his collections. And the work and detail in the pieces was astounding.

02. Program launched for one of my favourite festivals. Some events sold out in a blink (crying that I missed out on this) but I managed to lock in a couple of dinners, so I won’t go hungry in March 😉

03. Well that was weird… (TÁR).

04. Yay! Dancing is back.

05. Also back – school (so the school mums got together for dinner, obvs).

06. This coffee table book about pools (a few places to add to my swimming-bucket-list).

07. State Library Cultural Membership – because I don’t have enough bookish events…

08. I cook lots from ENOTW – this week we tried the grilled chicken for tacos. Delicious.

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