Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week


01. One of my babies is back home after six weeks in Nepal. He made it to 5033m and honestly, it blows my mind thinking that the mountains were thousands of metres higher still (he did say it was weird to have trekked so high, only to be able to look up and still be surrounded by peaks).

02. Saw Melbourne Theatre Company’s Girls & Boys this week. Absolutely outstanding. See it.

03. One doco and one film from the British Film Festival this week – Quant (excellent) and The Road Dance (good, although I didn’t love the ending).

04. Summer frocks from one of my favourites. Their dresses almost all have pockets, which I consider essential.

05. Speaking of pockets, this popped up in my social media this week and made me laugh –

06. Watching: Anatomy of a Scandal (Netflix). It’s engrossing (and it’s keeping me guessing – I haven’t read the book by Sarah Vaughan).

07. Can’t wait to watch: Fisk (ABC) (waiting for a few more episodes to drop so that I can binge) and White Lotus S2 (Foxtel).

08. More walks along the reconstituted banks of the Yarra. All the paths and parks where we walked weeks ago are now under water (last pic is Dights Falls for those who know the area).

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