Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Salt water and spectacular sunsets are restorative.

02. My kids having loads of beach time with their cousins.

03. Limoncello gelato from Gobble.

04. These bowls as planters.

05. Watching: deep into Succession, so saving After Life S3 for next week.

06. Calamari, flathead and whiting (successful fishing trips for Mr Books means excellent dinners for the rest of us).

07. Wordle is a bit addictive, isn’t it?

08. Americanos by the pool.

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  1. I binged on the entire three series of Succession over Christmas. Loved it.

    Also, that sunset rivals the ones we see in the west. I live right by the port so have a view over the river and then the Indian Ocean beyond and I have never been happier coming home to watch the sunset every night from my living room window.

  2. Just tried Wordle, and have bookmarked it. What fun.

    I like the look of those coconut bowls. Could be a good gift idea, but the company says nothing about itself on the site which is disappointing. Who are they? What’s their philosophy? Are the bowls dishwasher-proof?

    Love that the kids are having great times with their cousins. That’s special.

    • I know a little bit about the coconut bowls because I talked to the owners at the Mornington market – they live on the Mornington Peninsula but source the coconut shells from Vietnam (where they would otherwise go to landfill). I didn’t ask about putting them in the dishwasher but I suspect not – they’re very smooth and I reckon the dishwasher would be too corrosive.

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